Six More Shows

It is October 1st.  That means you only have six more chances to see Seascape at Theater Schmeater.

As I was thinking earlier today about mentioning this play again because it was so good and like I mentioned, Thursday-Saturday this week and next and that is all there is.

All I had was a title when I got a tweet from my bestie Katherine who plays Nancy in the play with a link to the Seattle Times review of this fabulous production.

Go see this fabulous production and support the local small theater!!


One Response to “Six More Shows”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Thanks Valria. We had a lovely house last night and now we’re down to only three more shows. And gearing up for the auction–the Schm-Art Zone on the 26th. It’s going to be fabulous–we have 100-level seats for the ‘Hawks-49rs game in December, VIP tix to John Oliver, a Russel Wilson-signed football, and a ton more to bid on or buy raffle tickets for. Today’s the last day for early bird tickets. More info on

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