Rest day

Today I didn’t go for a run and it really had more to do with the Seahawks being on Monday night football then it did my running schedule.

I did go for a good long run yesterday morning, probably just over five miles.  I left about 8:00 am and got back about 9:15.  I was trying to beat the heat and it was a draw in that department as it was nearing 80 when I returned.

IMG_1811So back to the “rest day”.  The first quarter of the game looked like this. The audio sounded like “he         like      ri     qksl   want   lsk   ore  sight”

I couldn’t get a complete or partial sentence or through a play.  I could tell there was a touchdown from the score block on the screen (oh and the texting I was doing with Dale, Vivian and Mary)

I tweeting the photo to Veriozon Fios and ended up being retweeted by others in the area with the same problem.

Just as I was heading to Applebee’s (the closest bar) I got a tweet back from Verizon and tada the problem was fixed.

It was a trying game, penalty, punt, penalty, punt, punt, punt, penalty.  But we won and tha’ts what matters.  Tomorrow I run again.

One Response to “Rest day”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    I missed the first half as well. (a meeting), anyway, I was told that the Seahawks played much better in the first half. The second half was pretty sad! Hope they got some good practice out of it!

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