My hip hurts today.  Actually it hurts less today than yesterday.  My middle finger on my left hand I think is getting some arthritis.  Today when my boss told me I had to get used to the fact that our office was a river and I needed to “go with the flow”, I told her I was swimming upstream as fast as possible but with all of the snags under the surface I was taking on water.  She thought I was clever and had no idea I was serious.

Between 5:30 this morning and 8:00 when I punched in I had 47 new emails, 42 of them from my boss with conflicting directions.  Good Times.

However I have a job, am able-bodied and my life is blessed.  I am able to go for a run (tonight’s was great by the way – it helped to get rid of the work day.)  I have been texting with my dear friend Albert and his wife Allison has been in and out of the hospital with severe nerve pain all year.  She has been in more than out for the last couple weeks.  This is a nerve that they have removed, cut, zapped with radiation but it continues to cause excruciating pain.  Today she had been pain-free for 18 hours and they were discharging her.  Allison has MS, I have blogged about her before a couple times. Her incredible spirit and drive are incredible.  I am able to run when my darling beautiful friend is confined to a wheelchair.I am also quite healthy.  Yes I now have medical and dental insurance and have for ten months now.  No I haven’t gone to the doctor yet but I did recently ask for recommendation.  Well except for my increased acne because of menopause and hot flashes and mood swings and and and….  my friend Vivian suffered a seizure while on vacation in Georgia with her mom and sister.  She ended up spending several days in the hospital and left with a staff infection.These dear friends with daily challenges remind me no matter how tough work is or that I slept a total of two hours out of the seven I was in bed because of hot flashes, my life is pretty easy.  I am so glad your home Allison.  Here is to lots of pain free days.  I Love you.

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