space cadet

Menopause has some strange symptoms.  One that I have heard from friends is the spacey-ness.

There are so many symptoms and like all the I am experiencing (hot flashes, headaches, night sweats, itchy skin, mood swings, sleep disorders, dizziness, weight gain, bloating and irritability) they fluctuate with the hormone levels but on Friday I had a heavy dose of “difficulty concentrating”.

I was a complete space cadet.  In fact I shouldn’t have been driving.  I didn’t run any red lights or stop signs, but I nearly ran two stop signs.  I also almost ran right into the back-end of a mini van that stopped for a school bus (I hadn’t seen the bus).  I drove right past the driveway for work.  I dropped my just purchased tea in the parking lot at Starbucks.  I talked to myself all day while driving, mostly saying “Oh my God, what is my problem.”  I drove right past the street I turn on to go home because I was so busy watching the asphalt chewer grinding up and spitting out the road and the asphalt coming off the conveyor into lined up dump trucks.

But the topper was when I went back to work in the evening to pick up drawings I needed for Monday.  I unlocked the door, turned off the alarm, unlocked the door into the office and went in and printed my floor plans.  While the printer was warming up I dashed back into the hall to use the restroom, came out and found myself locked into the entry way.  No keys, my two cell phones on my desk.  I was locked into a little 4×8 foot room.  I could go outside but I would be locked out completely.  Luckily there is a phone on the wall, I called the office right on the other side of the door and left a message because I knew it would page my boss and the two managers.  I did not however leave the extension to the phone on the wall.

Then it hit me to call security.  I phoned the operator who transferred me and I tried to explain my plight.  The guard asked me how this was even possible.  While I waited for him to show up to unlock the hall door, I could hear different extension ringing in the office as my boss tried to guess the one in the hall.  When the one in the hall finally rang and I told them I had called security everyone had a good laugh.

At least twelve times on Friday I said out loud “What is my problem”  I am just so thankful that it did not carry into Saturday because that would not have been good for the day of painting.

3 Responses to “space cadet”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Oh, honey. I soooo feel you on this one. Hang in there, and remember to laugh.

  2. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    It was meant for a good laugh and “story” down the road! We need those at times.
    Have a good week!

  3. Della Says:

    Is that what my problem is?! I DID run a stop sign, with my kids in the car! At least now I know what it is whew 🙂

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