Remodel Update

We didn’t have as much painting time this weekend as we usually do.  We had dinner plans back in Huntington Beach at 5:45 so we had to leave to drive back at 3:30.  We quit painting at 3:00 and took a quick shower and headed out.

The timing we did have worked out however.  We painted for six hours, we finished the bedroom that we had started a couple of weeks ago.  We did another complete bedroom and the dining room.  The 5 gallon bucket of paint, the last wall we were working on and the time we had to paint all came to an end at the same time.

IMG_1819 IMG_1817

We have one more bedroom to paint next weekend.  Then the three bathrooms, laundry room and the kitchen.  Lots of stuff to follow after that.  We have ceiling fans to replace, hardware in the kitchen and bathrooms.  We also have the entire studio attached to the garage to re-do and we haven’t even started anything out there.

This weekend we also talked ourselves right out of doing the floors.  We viewed some videos and agreed we could put in the laminate flooring.  Then this weekend, we talked ourselves right back out of it.  We will be hiring someone to install the floor, it is the last thing to go in so we have lots of time to get the flooring picked out and priced.


2 Responses to “Remodel Update”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Great progress, whether fast or slow, must feel good.

  2. Amber Says:

    The place is going to look great!! What are your plans when it’s done?

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