A friend asked tonight what I was up to, I told her Work, Working out and Working on the house…..see the trend there, hence my oh so clever (I have no creativity left) title I have there.

Work last week was extremely busy and I pulled several rabbits out of my hat.  However I have a new Dr starting at one of the buildings tomorrow and my printer is down so the signage I was going to put up on Friday night is not done.   At one point earlier in the year I had twenty-two projects on my desk and I realistically have five right now.   That could change by tomorrow however.  Our new fiscal year just started and we will not have the budget this year for as many projects as we are way down in revenue this year.  But things like signage never really stop.  There are always changes and additions and retirements, maybe just not as many remodel projects this year.

We worked on the desert house yesterday.  We got the last bedroom painted and started scrubbing the kitchen.  It was a slower progress day but progress was made.

Sunday has been my long run day.  Next Sunday is the half marathon so there will only be a couple more small runs this week along with some gym time.  Today I headed out and set my Nike plus app on for a two-hour run.  I headed in the direction I usually start and then decided I wanted to see this little park I often drive by when I am going from one hospital to the other.  So I headed off in that direction.  Once I got there it was very lovely I ran around the two small lakes, or large ponds….???  There were so many birds.  Geese, ducks, cormorants and a pelican.  I paused the app so I wouldn’t lose any time and took a couple of pictures.  Then headed off to keep running.  I thought I would be at about two hours when I turned onto our block but a quick peak had me only at an hour and forty-seven minutes and at just under nine miles, so I ran past the house and then spent the next ten minutes running around the block and then walking off the last four minutes.  Next week will be thirteen miles and although I haven’t put in that long of a run, I feel pretty good about the progress I’ve made.

Besides the running I get to find places like this Wilderness Park.  There are not a lot of fresh bodies of water in our neighborhood but I was still quite surprised by all the birds.

IMG_1832 IMG_1830 IMG_1829


One Response to “Work”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Lovely pictures. So peaceful looking! You can think of being by those spots when you have trauma at work.

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