Done and Done

Things always work out. Sometimes they just work out better than other times.

I was so excited/nervous/scared last night that I did not sleep well. I woke up several times before the 4:00 am alarm and should have just gotten up at 3:08 when I was fully awake instead of trying to sleep for another 50 minutes.

We got up at 4:00 dressed put on the new shoes, grabbed a banana and almond butter and some trail mix for my gear bag. We were meeting Mark at the train at 4:45. We left the house and got to the park and ride, it is not far. We bought our tickets and there was still no Mark. Nor were there any other people, or trains.

We waited and waited and decided to leave at 5:15 and just drive in because we had not idea what was going on. Once we headed out we got a text from Mark that he was on the train. (?) I was frustrated and as we drove into the city we figured out we were at the wrong train station. Lori dropped me off as I was getting the text from Mark that he was now on the connecting train.  Lori drove back to our neighborhood and to the correct train station and took the two trains in.

The race was already starting when she got there but we were in corral 17 so we had thirty minutes or so before we would be at the start. Lori found a spot there and photographed us as we passed her and I tossed her my sweatshirt so I wouldn’t have to carry it or wear it for the next 13 miles.

IMG_0376Mark and I have a very similar pace, however he is much taller. Much! Because of this I started too fast and by the time we were three miles in I told him not to wait for me because I was slower than him. He really didn’t speed up, instead I dropped to my usual pace and I could tell from our footfalls we were at the same pace but each of his strides puts him a foot ahead of me.

My shoes were okay. They are definitely comfortable but day one being a thirteen mile day was not the best. I did end up with two small blisters. More detrimental was the difference in how my foot sits in the shoe and therefore my muscles were working differently.

I ended up running and holding on to my right glute/hamstring area because it was just cramping. There was also not enough arch support, which again is why I always end back in Nike for running shoes.

I finished at 3:10 and except for the small blisters was feeling pretty good. Mark was waiting for me and we took our winners photo together. Lori was there cheering us on and we quickly headed for the train and rode the two back together to our cars.

I was home just after noon and was able to see the SeaHawks pull off the win. Then I showered my sweaty self and we went out to lunch and then picked up some cactus for the front yard and got those planted in the front, we are trying to keep the kids from kicking our rocks all over with bikes and skateboards.

I am tired though, not a lot of sleep last night. I am guessing I will have no trouble sleeping tonight.

3 Responses to “Done and Done”

  1. -br Says:

    Good job

  2. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Great e-mail and GREAT picture! So glad you did so well. What a day! Takes me a week to do all the things you did yesterday!

  3. Katherine Says:

    Yay! You look happy and that’s what matters! Proud of you for reaching your goal.

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