Golden Barrel Soldiers

I mentioned a while ago that we had the grass removed in the easement at the street and filled in with gravel.  We have had weeks of people traipsing through and kicking gravel everywhere.  Not just a little but it looked like someone drug a suitcase through, leaving huge swaths of gravel removed and piled up on the bricks or sidewalk.

IMG_1844The plan for less work out there was turning into me sweeping gravel back in every few days.  Last weekend we went to the nursery and bought a few large rocks.  Then after we got those placed decided it wasn’t a big enough deterrent so we went to home dept and bought thirteen golden barrel cactus’.

It has been a week.  A week that included at least 75 trick or treaters along with their families and strollers and lots of trick or treaters that skipped our house because the lights don’t stay on.  Five full days of school kids walking back and forth.  The usual neighborhood walkers, dogs, skateboards (seriously I don’t know of a skate park around here, they are just a means of transportation).



IMG_1842Only a little bit of displacement happened through the week.  A bit more on Halloween night but not actually that bad.  Lori thinks it’s all because of the cactus.  Respect for the cactus so to speak. People generally give them a wide berth.

I want to believe that is has a little more to do with respect, that since it looks more like someone has put time and energy into it, they are not tramping through.

Sadly with the amount of trash that blows into our yard and lack of people picking up after their dogs I think she is probably right.  The optimist in me is currently struggling right now with the behavior of humans on this planet.

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