Routine Break

We did not go up to the desert house again this weekend.  That makes three weekends in a row.  I had the marathon a couple of weeks ago, then last weekend we spent two straight days collating flyers, labeling return envelopes, stuffing and labeling 1,500 pieces for the upcoming poinsettia sale at school.  This weekend we had hair appointments on Saturday in the middle of the day so the only option would have been  Sunday but there is just too much school prep and other things that need to happen.

Today Lori was up again at 4am to start working on her post modernism history presentation.  I slept in until 7:00 and then went for a run.  Then after I made breakfast and before the Seahawks game I went out and did a couple of hours of weeding and then dug this shallow ditch to run an electric cord through.  I have to get another piece of PVC pipe to finish this off but when its done we will be able to plug-in the lights strung around the oasis.

IMG_1851  IMG_1853

IMG_1852I was also able to week the veggies and see that something is seriously eating my peas.  Last weekend they were climbing the cage and had little flowers that would some day be peas and today they are chomped off nearly to the ground, I am so bummed.

It has been nice to spend some time at home.  Last week I cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed in between labeling and stuffing.  Not that cleaning the kitchen doesn’t happen regularly but this was the everything out of the cupboards everything cleaned out and wiped down kind of cleaning.  We do have to get back up there and next weekend is looking pretty clear.  The poinsettia sale will take a weekend in December and we are in Seattle for two weekends as well.  Hopefully in the next couple weeks we can get the kitchen, laundry room and three bathrooms painted.  Then we will be down to fixtures, fans and flooring.

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