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We made it up to the desert house this weekend.  Heading up Saturday morning and spent the entire day cleaning the kitchen and prepping it for painting.  We did a deep cleaning, including inside and under all the appliances.  I also took all the hardware off the doors and scrubbed it with the help of easy off.  We could very well save hundreds of dollars if we now decide to keep the hardware.   We are now ready to put paint on the walls next weekend.  We headed back early and stopped for dinner then I stopped to feed a friends pets who is away for a week.

This morning started early as I was up and to feed and take care of the pets.  Once I was home and watched the pre-game show I was not going to get the Hawks game.  Dale texted me nearly an entire play by play!  That part was awesome but losing was not.

I finished up the project I started last weekend.  I hung the strands of LED lights I bought on-line and put the extension cord into the PVC pipe.  Then I put the PVC pipe into the trench I dug and then covered it back up and replaced the rocks.  It is very sweet.  Some weeding and watering the garden before all light was gone for the day and now I head out to feed the pets again.

 IMG_1870 IMG_1871 IMG_1872  IMG_1874

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