Yep, bread.  A weird thing to blog about perhaps.  Thing is its been ages, almost two years since I’ve had bread.  Sometimes I go through the bread aisle, missing bread, missing toast.  A month or so ago I was at Trader Joes and happened to be looking at the bread when an employee asked if they could help me.  I replied with “No, I just miss bread.”

I know I know there are lots of “gluten-free” options out there.  But I don’t really want the potato starch, xanthan gum, rice flour alternatives.

IMG_1908But wait…..I found this sesame seed bread at World Market.  There is no wheat in this bread nor are there any things that are unrecognizable.  There are seven pieces of bread in this little loaf, making them about 60 cents a piece.  However tonight I toasted one, cut it in half and made half a toasted cheese sandwich.

It was yummy, had great texture, stayed in my calorie count for the day and has been declared a win-win-win.


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