56 hours plus the three that followed

We drove up to Concord for Thanksgiving. The entire trip took 56 hours, 13 of them driving. We left home Thursday morning at 5:00 to beat the traffic leaving LA and got up to Janet and Colin’s about noon. We sat around and visited, catching up over the last year. Friends of theirs got there about 3:00 and shortly after Janet’s parents got there from the nursing facility they are now living in that is two blocks away from Janets.

IMG_1916Dinner was about 5:30 and she was very conscious about my no wheat so except for the stuffing I was good to have everything else.  Dinner started at the same time as the football game, the football game they would not be watching as they don’t watch football.  I got some twitter support and reached out to people I knew were watching.  Amber was a doll and texted me every score change so after dinner I was able to read them and check up on the scores.

We did dishes, visited a bit and then headed to bed it was only 8:30 but we had been up since 4:00 and a long drive.

Friday I was awake by my usual 6:00 and read a bit until there was stirring.  I headed out for a run while Lori and Janet visited and Janet made us a frittata and fruit for breakfast.

Lori and I headed over to my Aunt Miki’s which is only 15 minutes away and visited there for about 3 hours.  All three of my cousins were there and I had not seen my cousin Andy since I was a teenager so that was cool.  It never seems like enough time but it was great to see everyone.

By the time we got back to Janet’s house her sister and new puppy were there and the folks showed up a bit later.  Janet and Colin had set up the tree and it was decorated while we visited and we all had dinner again.  It was a very full day of visiting.  We headed home at 6:00 this morning and drove back home.

Once we were home today we had lunch but there had just been too much sitting for our liking so at 3:00 with only two hours of light left we finished up the easement project.  Digging out the dirt next to the driveway apron, filling in with sand, placing 65 bricks and then sweeping in more sand.  There is a very very very slight chance of rain tonight.  We have our fingers crossed because that would help settle the sand so we can add more tomorrow.  It was good to do something physical after the drive and even better to get this project finished.

IMG_1917 IMG_1918 IMG_1919 IMG_1920

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