RIP Spyder


When Taylor posted this photo on Facebook during Thanksgiving, it immediately reminded me of this photo I posted of Spyder napping in the sun the day he was hit by a car two years ago.  I was glad he made it for another couple of years thanks to Dale and his diligence with the meds for his heart and taking such good care and rehabilitating him after the accident.  But I also had a really uneasy feeling of that nap photo, I figured it was just because of the photo I took and the events that followed that night.

I was asleep at Janet’s on Thanksgiving evening, it was probably 8:30 when my niece Amber phoned to tell me Spyder had passed away.  I am glad he had a last day of family and another dog to hang with but extremely distraught that my brother was at work and did not make it home in time.

3 Responses to “RIP Spyder”

  1. PasadenaDaisy Says:

    Sorry for your loss.

  2. Katherine Says:

    Oh, poor Dale. Spyder had a good life. Sorry.

  3. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    So sad when we lose a part of our family — the kind that always loves us no matter what we do.

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