Rain, legitimate rain

IMG_1927Sunday we finished the back yard.  The very back we had not planted yet.  We dug up the ground and separated aloe pups from several of the large ones in the yard to make a swath of aloe’s once they are bigger.  We also added a couple little planters and I took cuttings from around the yard to fill them up.  All that is needed now is a couple more loads of gravel.

I watered everything in and then the rain started.  Real rain.  Puddle making rain.  It rained Sunday the rest of the afternoon and evening.  There was some flooding at work when we got in on Monday.  A few buildings with roof issues, but the rain held off on Monday so we could address them.

The rumor was more rain today and that is exactly what we got.  It was raining when I left for work (It has rained so very little this year that I forgot I only have super fast windshield wipers) and never stopped.  As in at 8:20 tonight it is still raining.  We have a couple of inches of rain today and that is more than the last year all together.

I was such a happy girl today.  I have so many outfits for cooler weather and today got to wear clothes I rarely see anymore.  I kept staring out the door at work whenever I passed it.

2 Responses to “Rain, legitimate rain”

  1. Katherine Says:

    I heard that it was raining and was very happy for you. Hope the flooding isn’t too bad though.

  2. The List goes on… | V-Lo's View Says:

    […] Rain, legitimate rain […]

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