Fall Cold

We brought home colds last weekend.  Lori’s hit an hour or so after we finished working a full day in the yard on Sunday.  We were heading out to visit friends when she realized she was starting to get a sore throat.  Because our friend was having chemo on Tuesday we did not end up going.

Lori’s cold came on quickly and it was only a few hours later that the coughing, stuffy and sore throat were coming on in full.  It was the week before finals and the annul poinsettia sale so full days of work and then classes at night made for a very long week.  A chicken noodle soup filled week.  Soup, lots of Umcka and fluids have been the steady diet.

IMG_1932Since I can’t have the noodle in chicken noodle soup, today I made a pot of homemade chicken, brown rice, quinoa and bok choy from my garden soup.

With the rain this week and cooler temperatures it just kind of felt like cold season but things are looking up.  My sore throat is about gone and Lori is down to 1 coughing jag per hour.

And yum, soup!


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