Yes, I realize that was yesterday’s date.  But it made me happy yesterday and since this post is about what we got accomplished yesterday that is my title!

We headed toward Calimesa pretty early in the morning.  Bypassing it completely and went to the outlet mall at the reservation.   I was finally able to exchange my defective running shoes.  Nike gave me no hassle what-so-ever.  I tried on several different styles before settling on the exact pair I was returning.  Because the price was different then when we bought them not only did I get the new shoes also a twenty-dollar credit.  The receipt, the box and the bag are in the top of my closet just in case this happens again.

We were then going to head for Home Depot for paint but Lori was pretty determined to go clothes shopping for me.  I need new work clothes and this was the easiest Christmas option.  So we went into the Anne Taylor Loft store, one of my favorite stores and I found a darling skirt, pair of houndstooth trousers a sweater and a couple blouses.  All very nice and Christmas done!

Then we went to Home Depot and got the last color of paint.  This is the color we are doing the kithchen, bathrooms and trim in.  We got the entire kitchen painted before heading back home.  Depending on jury duty for Lori this week, she may be driving back on Tuesday to meet with someone to measure and estimate the installation of the flooring.

A very busy day that ended early.  Even with the drive home we were showered and readying by 7:30 and Lori who has had a cold for two weeks was sound asleep before 8:30.  I read for a couple hours and listened the the neighbor (and by neighbor I mean at least 5 houses and around the corner away) playing very very very loud music.  It didn’t stop until after 2:30 and it might as well have been a stereo inside the bedroom.

Being have awake until 2:00 did not stop me from getting up for an inaugural run on my new shoes this morning.  Then we met friends for brunch and home in time to watch the SeaHawks knock the 49ers out for this season!

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