Its Christmas time….in the office

My workplace is a bit Christmas crazed.  Just from comments through out the year I knew it was going to be a big deal.  Comments regarding the “Christmas Potluck” or “I got such and such from co-worker for Christmas last year”.

I started thinking about what I could contribute on my budget that was both personal and unique along with fitting into my sensibilities.

I ended up buying coffee mugs with everyone’s name on them.  I got these through and went through the list of all my co-workers several times to make sure I got 11 coffee mugs in the mail.  I then proceeded to candy pecans for everyone and fill the coffee mugs with things like a flashlight and chocolates.

Unfortunately I do not have any really good photos of the end products but people seemed genuinely happy, especially those with names you don’t find on random personalized stuff.

There are two Christmas trees in our department.  There is a wreath, door chimes/ribbons on all the offices and various other random decorations.  The presents started showing up on Thanksgiving weekend.  In fact when I got back from that long weekend, the tree and most of the decorations were already up.

Because people are taking time off next week presents started being handed out yesterday.  Although mine and few others are already gone here is what the tree still looked like this morning.  My cups only lived under the tree for a day.  Because there were perishable things in with the cups I decided to pass mine out last week.

 New Image box


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