Christmas Break

We are home safe from our travels.  Nine days or so in Washington.  We flew in on my sisters 48th birthday so we all met up for dinner before heading home.  Once inside the very decorated house I noticed the pathway to the front door was not clear and asked my niece how they were getting out to smoke.  That was when I found out they had all quit!!!!  Yep, my sister and both nieces have quit smoking!!!!  Best.  Christmas.  Present.  Ever!!!

We all spent lots of time playing rummy and farkle and even a little monopoly and there were no cigarette breaks needed that usually would lead to a derailment in the games but not this week!

I wasn’t able to connect with everyone I wanted but did managed to see Katherine, Tonya, Briana, Char & Dave, Linda, Albert & Allison, Diane, Shelly and Beth dropped in on Christmas day!

To round out the trifecta of Christmas was the SeaHawks clinching the division and playoffs.

Now that I am home and have my computer there will be more stories coming out of the break.  But now, off for getting ready for work tomorrow!

One Response to “Christmas Break”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    It was so nice to have you here! I have told people about the WONDERFUL gift you received (3 people quit smoking!). I noticed how much a pack of cigarettes cost today!! What a wonderful gift to themselves as well.
    I figured that you got home, watched the awesome game and then got ready to face work today. Have a great week!

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