Welcome 2015

Last night, New Years Eve, I met Lori at the gym and worked out.  We went home and I made a salad for dinner, read my book, watched mythbusters and went to bed early.  Actually went to bed at the usual time, but early compared to the neighbors blowing up fireworks for the new year and all the people’s out at party’s.

Today we slept in, I made oatmeal for breakfast and we planned some chores.  We went out shopping for toilets and ceiling fans for the rental then stopped for a yummy lunch.   We went to TGIF because there is a salad there that I daydream about and whenever we are near that’s I where I want to go.  Once home we watched more of the mythbusters marathon and I made my annual black-eyed peas for dinner.

All of this to say looks like I’ll be working out, cooking, hanging with Lori, working on projects, watching mythbusters and reading this year.  If you haven’t heard my “theory” in the past it is what you are doing on New Years Eve/New Years Day is how you will spend your year.

Granted this isn’t always true, I will not spend the year not working like today.  That would be great right, it was a beautiful sunny day and pretty low-key hanging out but work starts again tomorrow.  But I’ll take a low-key and healthy 2015.  Bring it on!


One Response to “Welcome 2015”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Ohhhh, that looks delicious! For the first year we forgot the black eyed peas. Guess we will go out and get some today (better late than ever) and have it with cornbread (John’s traditional New Year’s meal).

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