On my mind

For the last couple months a day/event has been on my mind.  December 28th would be the day I outlived my mother.

I know there are extenuating circumstances to mom’s death.  She died of Hepatitis C that she contracted from a blood transfusion in December of 1961.  It was undiagnosed and undetected for decades.

But the fall before she died, she took a trip to Arizona to see her friends who wintered there from Alaska.  She stopped and saw both of her sisters and made the rounds to see most of her friends in the last few months before she died.  Did she know she was dying, probably.  I will never know but there is a chance and she certainly knew more than I did.

As we made plans to fly up for Christmas and I made dates to see as many of my friends as possible, the correlation did not escape me.  We flew back on the 28th, fifty-five days before I turn fifty and the day mom died.

It has been on my mind, irrationally perhaps for months and even though I “knew” it was not the same situation it was still very disconcerting.

It did not help that the AirAsia flight went missing before we left.  Not connected at all, but still a little freaky to me knowing it was day 55.  (On a side note we were in Seattle last March 8th when we were up for Tonya and Briana’s wedding and MH370 went missing.  What the heck!)

I have now outlived my mom by a week.  I plan to add decades to this and now that I am passed “the day” I hope I can get this off my mind because it has been there, in the back of my head,  since I turned 49 last February.


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  1. Amber Says:

    Awe Auntie ❤

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