Air Dryer vs. Paper Towels

As we had another 2 story clog today because of paper towels and hair (or honestly what looked to be a hair piece) that clogged six toilets and two floors spawned yet another debate about air dryers vs paper towels.

This is a debate probably as old as margarine vs butter or manual transmission vs automatic. The debate regarding the cost is usually one-sided.  Even with the price of the dryer which can be up to $400.00 and the power to run it, the price is never even close to the cost and waste of the paper towels over time.

What that cost doesn’t include is the filter that should be changed regularly in these units and runs about $50.00.  However, they are rarely changed.  The unit pulls the air that it blows onto your skin right out of the room it is installed in.  The filter it the unit catches the germs, coughed or touched or……some other method of spreading germs in a public restroom (ewe).

Some people don’t like hand dryers, there are study’s showing just how many germs are on the paper towel dispenser vs the air dryer.  I never feel like my hands are dry with the air and usually end up drying them on my pants and have always fallen on the paper side of this debate.

However with the more clogged toilets I see why people lean toward the air dryers.

Granted with the more disgusting things happening in the public restrooms….or rather the more I know of them now,  I’m sure they happened before I was so aware, I don’t even want to use the public restrooms.


2 Responses to “Air Dryer vs. Paper Towels”

  1. Della Says:

    Krikey! I never thought about the germs from the air flow of the dryers. Guess I just never thought about where the air came from. I’ve always leaned towards paper, and I will be continuing to do so now that i know about the germs! Eewww!!

    • V_Lo Says:

      I told my co-worker I just wipe them on my pants….I at least know where my pants have been. ….. on my arse. HA

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