When I worked for myself you got to read all about cakes and cookies.  Frosting, decorating, peaking in at people’s weddings.  There was lots of time to blog about the dog park and my garden.

When I worked at the Farmers Market there were always stories to blog about.  Lots of pretty pictures to fulfill the “view” of the day.  There were vendors, volunteers, politics, multiple days and markets, lots of antics (or material depending on how you look at it.)

Now there are stories I can’t tell because of HIPPA laws.  Also lots of signs (yawn) and toilets.  So many plugged toilets.  Today we had the entire first floor of a two-story building that backed up.  When its an entire floor instead of just one or two toilets, well that is a time bomb If it gets all the way to the second floor.  If the second floor goes then you possible have a situation that would require replacing ceiling tiles and disinfecting the space between floors.

We had two of these situations today.  An entire suite on the 2nd floor of a 4 story building; that wasn’t as bad because it was just the suite.  So not a lot of risk of the entire floor flooding however we had to call in a vendor because after removing 3 toilets and snaking we still could not clear it.

I hit my one year at work yesterday.  So today I had to go get my annual TB test and health assessment.  Then I arranged for two suite restrooms to be disinfected because of raw sewage.  And looky there, another clogged toilet, another blog!

4 Responses to “Work-versary”

  1. Katherine Says:

    WTH are people doing to all those toilets? Who knew this was such an ongoing problem?

    • V_Lo Says:

      They flush papertowels. They flush adult diapers. They flush socks in one case and a hair piece in another.
      WTH is right!!!

  2. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Right, Katherine! Is it still paper towels? (drug stuff they are trying to flush?) or just what would cause two toilets to be removed and still not cleared? In our case many years ago, it was tree roots down the hill a block away! Good luck, Valria!

    • V_Lo Says:

      We did have an instance last fall that was a tree root down the street. This is just people assuming with you flush it drops into a gigantic pit and not traveling through a few inch pipe. People are weird!

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