IMG_2002We headed up to the house yesterday, early, to get the painting going.  We managed to get the last bathroom and the laundry room painted.  The bathroom still had a wallpaper border around the ceiling that I had to get off and cleaned up first and the laundry room although it had been cleaned we still had to clean behind the refrigerator and the washer and dryer first.  Lori tackled the cleaning in the laundry room (bless her) and I painted it as she started on the doors.  She painted the front door this fabulous Blue.  We also had help as a couple of friends showed up to paint trim.  Jan got there about 9:00am and left about 4:30.  Kathi got there at 3:00 and we all left together just before 8:00.  All we have left to paint inside is trim and doors!

We got up early this morning and headed out into our own yard to weed the long neglected garden.  The rain we have had in the last month has really fed the weeds.  We worked right up until noon because ………….SEAHAWKS

What a game!  I was going just crazy.  Thank God the defense played so well and kept Green Bay to just one touchdown and a hand full of field goals.  We needed every single point, including the pass from the PUNT HOLDER on a fake while going for a field goal.  Even the offside kick and the two point conversion that both WORKED FLAWLESSLY were absolutely needed.  The overtime march down the field and touchdown were awesome.  I was just nerve racked by the end of the game.  The defense won this game by keeping score within reach, barely as we were still down by twelve points with only five minutes left when the offense started firing.  Marshawn ran with nearly all the defensive players on his back but he kept moving…..then that offside kick, the two point conversion, all of it.  I could go on and on.  I was very emotional and excited!

After the game we headed back out for another 90 minutes of weeding until we were out of light, but really who cares to read about more weeding, the SeaHawks are going to the SUPERBOWL!!!

One Response to “Painting/weeding/FOOTBALL/weeding”

  1. Katherine Says:

    OMG that game was crazy and exhausting to watch. And now this city has lost its mind with Seahawks fever.

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