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I wasn’t home when my new car arrived today.  Lori was and took photos for me since I’m always “blog photos, blog photos” with my one track mind.

Don’t be fooled by our deserted street, it is Thursday, thus sweeping day and its a 45 dollar ticket if there is anything parked on the street. This is the day everyone pulls their cars and trucks onto their yards and sidewalks.  I personally stand at the door eating my oatmeal in case I have to make a dash for it (my truck is usually on the street.)

It’s a good thing the delivery was here four days earlier then expected.  By the size of that truck he needed a clear street.

(Shall I post this under “new car” or “mid-life crisis”  😉


6 Responses to “Arrival”

  1. Katherine Says:

    WOW! That’s one fancy little sporty thing. Happy mid-life crisis indeed!

  2. Della Says:

    Neither, you should post it under “SWEET” new car!

  3. Amber Says:

    Sooo Cool! If you need someone to drive it for you in a few months. I know something with a GREAT driving record. 😉

  4. Briana Says:

    Whoa! That’s a beauty! So are you, my dear friend. Happy Birthday!!!!

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    […] I got the car in January, I have been taking the truck on and off of standby insurance to do things like move […]

  6. Plans Change | V-Lo's View Says:

    […] was the bank.  I needed to go in for the pay-off balance on the car loan and actually paid off my little car that was at that moment stranded in the parking garage at […]

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