The List goes on…

We are painting tomorrow, finishing up the trim, doors and a couple of closets. We went searching for window treatments this week which can be an expensive and daunting task. We looked at Home Depot and Lowes of course, but then went to JC Penny’s (remember them) and Sears before ending up at Bed Bath and Beyond.

We were checking out all the options when we came across some fabulous Roman Shades that were on clearance. We got them for the windows we knew the sizes for and Lori texted Dan who is staying at the house during the week and asked him to measure the others. Lori then went to four other stores yesterday to find all the blinds we will need. The main bedroom is a harder size to shop for so we may end up with a different option there but it really feels like this is coming together.

The floors go in next week so tomorrow we paint and clear all the paint stuff out to the garage. We will then work on installing new outlets and switches along with the window shades.

The three new toilets will go in after the floor is done. We will then have left some faucets inside the house. Of course there is still a studio and the yard area but most of that will then need to focus on occasional weekends through the Spring as school starts and visitors are coming and time there is never enough is there.


Because one can never have enough projects, or houses at the rate we’re going. I bought a thousand pound bag of gravel yesterday and it sits here is the truck so on Sunday if were are not back up to the rental we can do some work around our house. There are still weeds to pull and the path to finish. Lori did get two new planters for the front porch last week.

IMG_2005 IMG_2006

They are very cute and we now have a fish theme going if you remember these others from the back yard.

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