Adventures not at the DMV

The DMV here in California has nothing but nightmare stories.  You have to make an appointment and even with an appointment you will wait. 

In fact a co-worker had a 9:00am appointment to renew his driver’s license and he got back to work about 1:00 pm (with an appointment). 

Well the same offices that you renew your license in are the ones you register your newly bought cars or renew your tabs in.  The caveat to the car is that you must register it within 20 days of purchase or entering California or there are fines.  You must also make an appointment.  You can only make an appointment on-line and no matter how many different offices I put in, considering driving 70 miles to register the car, there was not an appointment available until nearly March. 

I got the car smogged and decided I would have to take a day of PTO and go sit at the DMV all day and hopefully get in.  Then a friend mentioned that he only goes to Triple-A. 

So I went to AAA just to see, I had gone into work early so I took a long lunch break and tried it out.  I checked in with my AAA number, I waited for a few minutes then was called and went through the application.  The guy came out and checked the car, the VIN, the odometer, the engine.  I had forgotten to bring a check with me because I never write checks and just keep them in the filing cabinet.  But I was given the paperwork, told when I come back to bring in the plates and they would finish it up.

Cut to the next day, I got off work at 4:30 and they told me if I was in by 5:00 they would serve me.  So I drove straight there, took off the plates, checked in, finished up the paperwork, got new plates and tabs and installed them.  I drove off at exactly 5:00 pm.  

It took me two trips to AAA and still less than an hour and I am all legal within the 20 days!

2 Responses to “Adventures not at the DMV”

  1. Amber Says:

    Ok. Now I know where to go when I move down there 😉

  2. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    In Washington State, we can do some of that over the internet! So easy, the tabs just come in the mail.

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