Silly Things

I am fighting and beating a cold.  It showed up a little on Monday and is pretty much gone but I have consumed several gallons of tea this week.  I’ve also slept a lot and spent a little ok hours surfing on my iPad.  What does one do when they find funny things and there is no one around to torture them by making them watch…..  They post them here to torture you.  You do understand you now have to watch to fulfill my torture cycle!

3 Responses to “Silly Things”

  1. Amber Says:

    So funny hahah ❤

  2. Katherine Says:

    Okay doesn’t that last guy at the end remind you of Sophie and the barn swallows? Sorry about the cold. Probably travelled in on me. 😦

    • V-Lo Says:

      I didn’t get all the colds passed around the office or the two that hit Lori, I figure it was those Washington germs I wasn’t used to that got me. 🙂

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