No “Rest” Day here


We drove up to Calimesa today with big plans.  We have five sink faucets and three sets of shower hardware to replace.  There was also the six ceiling fans we thought about tackling and lots of plugs and switches to replace.

We started by putting in 14 new floor vents, we are two short and will need to order two more.  They looked great with the new floors and go so well with the rest of our hardware.

We briefly thought about doing the faucets, turned off the water to the kitchen, opened up the packaging, read the instructions.  Needed putty and some bravery before starting those so we settled on the switches and plugs.

That may sound like an easy task, but we worked for hours and got about thirty replaced.  We started in the living room, dining room and kitchen.  Next time we will tackle the bedrooms and bathrooms.

We were running out of light, I went out and turned the breaker back on and we didn’t have any power to a couple of the plugs in the kitchen or the refrigerator.  We hadn’t even gotten to the refrigerator plug so it has to be the plug on the same wall that is not working and so there is not a complete circuit.  The other option might be a bad breaker.

We changed out the new plug in the kitchen with another new one by cell phone flashlights.  We thought maybe the new plug was bad but this one didn’t work either.  That’s what has me leaning toward a breaker.

Luckily there is nothing perishable in that fridge and we have another in the utility room.

There is always more to do.

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