Humming birds, butterflies and …..tarantula?

Three day weekends are the way to go.  I am actually pretty sure I typed that exact thing the last time I had a three-day weekend.  We had a lovely “us” day on Saturday.  Running errands, going to the farmers market, valentines dinner at an uber fancy restaurant.

Then a day up at the Calimesa house working on the house and today to work in our yard.  I got an early start in the front yard.  Trying to get a good part of the weeds pulled before the full on sun was on me.  I had been out there about an hour when I saw this guy…..


I just told Katherine last week that the spiders in Washington don’t really bother me.  I know what they are, there are only a few that are dangerous but the ones here freak me out.  This looked like a baby tarantula.  It had fuzzy legs and back, white spots on the back, green iridescent eyes (which when doing research later I found out that was “mouth parts” – did not make me feel any better) and about the size of a fifty cent piece.

I kept my eye on it,  when I went in for water I grabbed my phone and got the picture.  As soon as Lori was home from Tai Chi I made her come look to see if it was a baby tarantula.

The garden was lovely, there were hummingbirds buzzing around and since the verbena is in full bloom, there was at one point 12 butterflies in the yard.  It was all lovely, except for this guy just over my shoulder….I kept checking on it and was fine when I could see it.  We headed to Home Depot for a few things and then when we were back and I started weeding again, it was gone.

With a little internet searching tonight, we are pretty sure it is a Mexican Jumping Spider.  It immobilizes its prey with venom, it is also still somewhere in my yard and I don’t know where.  And to think it was just the black and brown widows I thought I had to watch out for.

2 Responses to “Humming birds, butterflies and …..tarantula?”

  1. Katherine Says:


  2. Amber Says:

    That spider is petrifying.

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