Company Expected!

We have a bunch of company coming this weekend and we are in full prep mode.  It seems the city is as well with road closings, detours and lots of media…oh wait, that’s for the Oscars this weekend.

We have borrowed a couple more air mattresses.  These we can use in our little house if/when we spend the night there and haul up to Calimesa for the nights if/when we stay there.  The benefit of staying in Calimesa when there are seven of us besides much more space would be multiple bathrooms and showers available.  The benefit of being at our little house with one bathroom is the proximity to the beach,  museums, arboretum and plenty things to doalso the existence of cable and internet.

Not to say there isn’t plenty to do up in Calimesa, it is a stones throw from palm springs and a casino and Joshua Tree.  I’m just not as familiar with those things.

We bought some pillows to finish up the outdoor oasis.  Lori worked on the back yard for the last two days, finishing up the weeding, cleaning out my ridiculously overgrown vegetable garden and putting up the hammock.  It makes the little house have a lot more room for hanging out in with company.






2 Responses to “Company Expected!”

  1. Katherine Says:

    I love your little house and will be sorry to miss the party. Hope you all have a wonderful time. Hugs to everyone and happiest of birthdays to you, my lovely friend.

  2. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Wow, love the pictures, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

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