Seven Women, One Restroom

I turned Fifty last friday.  I took the day off of work and had friends and family come into town to visit.  I got cards and phone calls and presents and texts all wishing me a happy birthday.  So far I’m loving 50!

IMG_2148 IMG_0633 IMG_2144 IMG_2147

The weekend was a whirlwind of activity that when documented doesn’t seem like we did all that much.  Based on the exhaustion level however a good time was had.

We started Friday, driving to LAX and picking up Jody and Paola.  We drove them to Hermosa beach, it is both close by and fabulous.  After getting tea and coffee and visiting for a bit we left them there to wander for a couple of hours.

We drove back to LAX and picked up Della, Amber and Taylor and then went back to Hermosa and we all met up for a birthday lunch, Taylor turning 26 and me 50.   

We had rented a van that carried all seven of us around and we had guided tour of the area and down to San Pedro from Lori.  Drinks and laughs in San Pedro before hauling everyone to the house.   Lots of photos were being taken and posted to respective Facebook accounts but I seem to have very few photos from the entire weekend.

We had a few technical difficulties with the old style air mattresses that we borrowed from a friend.  I did get one of them blown up by using the camping pump and my truck lighter.  The Aero bed we had also blew up and others just shared the couch. 

For being 740 square feet, we were all quite cozy but everyone fit.  I don’t know of anyone needing the bathroom while someone else was in it.  I know I didn’t have to wait ever and managed to shower every morning.

Saturday I made a light breakfast for everyone and then we headed up to Calimesa.  Toured the house and then lunch in Banning at Crazy C0yote Taco.  We also spent some time at the Outlet Mall where we met up with Emily and Vicki.   We then hit the bowling alley in Riverside and were going to line up to bowl but we had a few hours before the next set.  We actually ended up just having bears playing pool and visiting.  It was a fun time but the joke when we headed back was it was only 9pm.  Granted we had a 90 minute drive home and heck I am 50 now!!

Sunday once we were up and showered in shifts and visited for a while we headed to Dales Diner for breakfast and then took Jody and Paola to the Ferry and they headed off to Catalina for a couple of days.

The rest of us went shopping.  Browsing really, not a lot of shopping happened.  We were looking at furniture and getting ideas for the Calimesa house.  Amber and Taylor will be moving into it in May.  The debate over moving furniture down vs. the value vs. the cost of new was the topic of the day.

Dinner and then home, exhausted again.  Only five for that night to find a sleeping surface.  Monday morning came fast and off we drove Della, Amber and Taylor back to LAX.  Tonight we pick up Jody and Paola from ferry and will probably have dinner and take them back to LAX tomorrow morning.

3 Responses to “Seven Women, One Restroom”

  1. Amber Says:

    Loved the whole trip. My body not so much haha. Had a hard time keeping up with ya! 50 looks great on you 🙂 Love you!

  2. J.O. Says:

    Happy 50th Birthday, V!
    Just spoke with Becky B. She says “HI”
    Hope you are happy and well.

  3. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful Birthday weekend!

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