Cheeseless Lent

I am not Catholic, however this year I am observing lent.  To the confusion of many I am sure, the question did come up several times over the weekend.

The idea to abstain from something that would constitute a self-denial for 45 days.  The first thing that came to mind was meat but didn’t actually seem all that difficult for me.  So I am also abstaining from cheese.  This is more difficult.  I am only nine days into the 45.

Part of the reason for me doing this was to work other proteins into my diet.  Beans, eggs, nuts and fish are all easy and part of my usual routine.  However I don’t think I realized how much cheese is the “go to” protein.  This week I’ve taken a hard-boiled egg in my lunch everyday.

Cheese sits in the fridge and when I got home and was making beans and rice for dinner, cheese sure sounded good.  But I am determined to not have meat or cheese until Easter.

How does this constitute a blog, well it doesn’t, I was just sitting here trying to think about something to blog and all I could think was I wanted some cheeeeese.

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