Tired and sore

I should blog….it’s been nearly a week. But I’m tired and my hands are sore and I have zero grasp on sentence structure right now.

This morning I was gifted with a surprise period, thirteen days late and zero symptoms. Well one hot flash in the middle of the night. I haven’t had any for a few weeks so I attributed it to the warm night.

However a few “symptoms” surfaced, mostly just low energy but then serious crabbiness. I tried really hard not to get it on Lori or anyone else. I had very little patients and while working on very frustrating outlets I had serious urges to throw things and yell. I didn’t not throw the screwdriver but I was surprised at the serious urge to do so.

We stopped with the electric and the rest will be done by an electrician. Instead we worked in the studio. Lori cleared most of it out while I was in the house resisting the urge toss the tools. Then we pulled out carpet.

That sounds much easier than it was. It is one room, 14×24 and part of that is the bathroom. This carpet was glued to the concrete and it took hours to peel it up. I got so frustrated and hyper-ventilating in the mask, that I did actually toss across the room.

We pulled and scrapped and huffed and grunted the damn carpet out of there. My hand hurts, mostly from pushing the crowbar. My back is tight and I am ready for bed. At least the physical part of the helped with my crankiness a bit but I’m still low on energy and losing an hour tonight.

I get to try and sleep over the sound of the party down the street. Same house as usual, at least five doors away. At least I’m liking tonight’s songs. Lots of Bruno Mars and stuff I’m actually singing to because seriously it’s that loud.

2 Responses to “Tired and sore”

  1. Completed | V-Lo's View Says:

    […] the first day we tore emptied out the room and tore out the carpet.  That was a chore as it was seriously glued […]

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