Studio, Set, Go.

IMG_2207We headed to El Dorado Natural Trail this morning for a lovely two and a half mile walk.  We are trying to make this a regular Sunday thing and we noticed on the calendar that next weekend is an Audubon bird walk at 8:00.  I very well may try for that.  I only took one photo there this morning.  Although we saw all the usual suspects including the heron and hawk, the cutest site was all the turtles lined up warming in the sun.

We then headed to a tile store we found to look for flooring for the studio.  We found a lovely tile on sale and bought it.  We could only load half of it because it was so heavy in the truck.  But the store is pretty close the school so Lori can pick up the rest next week before we head up.  They will store it for free for 14 days which is great.

Today we took 13 of the 20 boxes and the grout.  We still have seven boxes and five bags of the thinset.  We wont be tiling next weekend but getting half of the supplies up there will be good.  The plan for next weekend is to prep for painting.  We have to pick up joint compound and so some repair.  We may get the ceiling painted next weekend as well, then the entire painting of the studio the following weekend and tiling the floor near the end of the month.

We are going to building a little strip of a kitchen and will then have the plumbing left.  The timing is working out that we will have this completed in nearly exactly a year from beginning.  A year of weekends anyway.


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