Yesterday was a mix of work and play,  We got more of the tile up to the house, along with the grout.  We also stopped in Redlands to pick up dining room chairs that the girls bought.  A quick trip back to Redlands to get the table and stop at home dept for door trim.

A little back story, when the girls were here in February we did a little shopping for furniture.  They found a table and chairs that they agreed on at World Market.  I get coupons in my email all the time from World Market and pretty much told them the table and chairs would go on sale (because they always do).

Well the coupon I had that expired on Friday was 25% and free shipping.  Thursday the set went on sale.  So Friday with the set on sale and the coupon about to expire they bought it with a 500$ savings.  Getting the table for free basically.

We set up the table, put it in the kitchen and took photos.  Moved it to the dining room and took pictures.  Set up our ice tea and placeholder coffee cups for the girls, delt some cards and took photos.  Then we messaged them the photos and could nearly here the squealing from Bellingham.

It was all very fun and the room was immediately warmer.  We also had a spot to sit for lunch when that came around.

IMG_2222 IMG_2223

So that was the fun.  The work part consisted of mudding and sanding in the studio.  Because it was 90 degrees out, by the time we worked around the room it was dry enough to sand and put on a second coat where needed and also to start painting.  We got a coat on the entire room and two on the ceiling.  We still have to put up a second coat and paint the bathroom.  That should go pretty quickly next week and then we will start tiling the place.

IMG_2237 IMG_2239

2 Responses to “Touches”

  1. Amber Says:

    Lookin good auntie

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