Measure thrice, toss it all

We started tiling the studio on Saturday.  We were expecting to get an earlier start but there was more painting left over then we thought.  After a second coat on all the walls and then painting the bathroom a full two coats we got started on the tile.

So we measured the room, we calculated the middle, we calculated the amount of tiles figuring out where to start.  Then after all that work we realized that the tiles we were basing all the measurements on were in fact 20×20, not 18×18.

So we started at the door, in the corner so to speak.  Unconventional perhaps but it is just one room and I figured there would be no cuts when you first walk in the door and in the main part of the room.  They will all be on the far side near the built-in closet and the wall that the bed will be on.

It took about three hours to put in these 28 tiles, that is about 25% of the tiles.  It will slow down once we start needing to make cuts and we bought some great tile for the trim that will be several weeks away at this rate.

We are back at it next Saturday and will get to it early since the painting is almost finished.


One Response to “Measure thrice, toss it all”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    I woke up this morning thinking about you and wondering how things were going on the house. I am building another doll house (someone didn’t want to do the kit they were given). It is a lot of work but not the real thing (a real house).
    I think this will be my last one. The dining room has been a mess for WEEKS! will send a picture later (if I can figure out how to do it.)

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