Tile is down

We had help, Jan drove up to help us lay the tile on Saturday.

We each had our job, I was putting down the mastic (I am very good at this because I can draw upon my frosting skills).  Lori was placing the tile and Jan was using the tile saw because, well we borrowed it from her.

But the tiles are so very large that it wasn’t a big enough saw.  I drove to Home Depot to rent a bigger tile saw and those two started laying the tile.  It was a free for all then.  The only key being to leave a path to get to the places that needed cuts.

By the time we were finished and left to return the saw at about 8 at night we were completely exhausted but all of the tile was on the floor.  We now need to grout.  Build the cabinet for the kitchenette.  Put another coat of paint on the bathroom. Put the toilet back in.  Move the hot water heater.  Hook up the new sink.  Hang the window blind.  Paint the doors.  Change out the door hardware.  Put the closet and cabinet hardware back on.  Move the furniture back in and call it good!

IMG_6976 IMG_8673

One Response to “Tile is down”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    When it comes to the whole house and what you have already done, that last list doesn’t seem very long! Way to go!
    I am trying to decide on two different quartz for the kitchen counters. One is a hint of cream/yellow and the other is white. The white is more modern and goes with the sink, refrigerator, ovens, etc., and the other goes with the walls,
    cabinets and is more formal – that is more like the house, I guess. Both would look great over what we have now, I think, but my mind just changes every few hours! Frustrating for such a simple thing to get done.

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