Shopping via Skype

My sister Della found a furniture store on-line near the house up in the desert.  Since we had convinced the nieces that it wasn’t worth paying to move the old worn out and 2nd hand furniture we had been looking around.  This place Della found has some decent furniture at reasonable prices.  The only caveat is that most items have a couple of weeks lead time.

They are driving down (moving) the first week in May so this last weekend Della, Amber, Taylor and I went furniture shopping.  They were all in the girls living room on the computer and I was walking around the furniture store with my phone.  I am sure I looked like I was talking to myself.  Luckily the sales woman I had spoken to the week before was ready for the event.  She stayed near enough to answer questions but far enough away that it didn’t feel to weird.

I walked around and asked questions got a feel for the furniture and then called them on Skype.  I showed, sat on and described lots of couches.  Probably only a quarter of the couches but it still took quite a while.

They ended up buying two couches, a bed frame for Taylor (it has speakers in the head-board) and two mattress sets.  The lead time for most is four to five weeks so everything should deliver right before they get here.  Except the bed frame….we got a call that it was back ordered.

It was quite an amusing day.  Lori was busy grouting away while I was on this adventure.  However when we went back to Home Depot to buy the baseboards I took her in to see the furniture.  The funniest part was when the manager asked “Hey were you the one on Skype here earlier”

What can I say….it worked out.  I’m sure they would rather have done all the sitting and comparing themselves. But it’s not like we have furnished the whole place.  They will have plenty to pick out on their own.  For now they have beds, they have a dining room set and they have couches.  That’s more than enough to get started with.


4 Responses to “Shopping via Skype”

  1. Amber Says:

    And we have the best Mom and Aunties ever 🙂

  2. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Great way to get that done! Project almost completed!

  3. Katherine Says:


  4. Completed | V-Lo's View Says:

    […] Shopping via Skype […]

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