In case you haven’t been listening to the news and you in fact come here for news….well first off hahahahahahahaha all my blogs about current events usually stay in my head because, well I’m bound to piss off somebody. I in fact have two differing blogs in my head over the entire “Indiana’s Religious Freedom” debate.

But I digress this blog is about the lack of water here in California, if you have seen the news lately we are in a drought! It’s actually not a new subject but has gotten so much press lately it has become a fevered conversation on the news and everywhere. Debates on just how much hand washing is really needed and how many gallons of water one could sae by not washing thier hands……..palm/head.

I am a hand washer. I wash my hands after I use the restroom. After I leave the hospital and get back to my office (this could be an extra seven washings). I wash them when they are dirty from working in the yard or house or when I am preparing food, or – or – or .

So the debate, heated in fact, that I was a witness to and did my very best NOT to join in, was if washing ones hands after using the bathroom was in fact needed. There were lots of caveats in this debate like just pee not poo, there is paper between hands and said body fluids. And the most amusing that if this person washes their hands before eating wouldn’t all other hand washing be moot.

Go ahead debate away………  In all seriousness we need to conserve water.

4 Responses to “Drought”

  1. salpal1 Says:

    We need to conserve water. But we also need to not be dirty. Some of the hand washing can be hand sanitizer, can it not?

    I think what we also should remember is that water used for washing does not need to go down the drain. It can be used to water plants, etc. Ditto for the water used to shower, blah blah blah. Probably in CA you already know that, right?

    And do talk about Indiana! 🙂

  2. Amber Says:

    Auntie this scares me!!! You will have to teach us little tricks on saving water when we get there. Cause here we don’t pay for it or even think about it.

  3. Katherine Says:

    Yeah, that’s right. Stop washing hands but, by all means, continue fracking. Jeesh. Some people.

  4. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Perhaps not washing hands — especially after using the bathroom — would be more job security for HOSPITALS!
    My question would be if more people had to go to the hospital for infections, etc., wouldn’t they use more water than simply a soaping and then rinsing the soap after using the bathroom?

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