More on Falconry Class

DSC_0042More on the Falcon Class because I’m still pretty high from the experience and I realize I stopped mid thought and nearly mid sentence last blog.  I was exhausted. Once I got the photos loaded I hit publish.  I didn’t even proof read the thing and I fell asleep on the couch within ten minutes of hitting publish.

We were quite impressed with Kirk and Denise, they hold the permit from the federal government to run their business they clearly LOVE what they are doing.  They are so very passionate about what they are doing and it all comes through in their presentation.

The first half of the class was lots of information.   They presented in a way that was more like a performance and not just a list of statistics and information.  In the class before our the Hawk they were walking actually caught a bunny.  It was not on the plan but the hawk has does have natural tendency of course.  Because of this, the class before ours went over and Denise and Kirk were both pretty excited from that class.  I think this just played into the presentation.

The second half we all put on a glove and spread out in a big circle.  One at a time we all called the hawk to our glove and then turned him toward the circle.  The person across would then put up their glove and call him back.  We went around the circle a couple of times.  It was awesome. We all lined up and Kirk and Denise put little bits of food on our shoes and he ran up and down the line of us.  It was so incredible to be that close.  Lastly one at a time called him to our glove and took photos.

Sky Falconry holds a federal permit to work with the hawks.  It is illegal to do any of this without the permit so they ask that we tag any social media with Sky Falconry to maintain transparency. Here are a few links if you’re interested in more information and conservation.

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