Weed Abatement

IMG_2335Yesterday started off with two dump runs.  This was on our list, our shrinking list of things left to do.  Actually it was the last thing on the actual list itself but we got a letter from the city regarding weed abatement.

Because it is fire season they are pretty strict on weeds and anything flammable.  We had cardboard from toilets, fixtures, fans and a dining room set all stacked up along with the carpet we tore out of the studio last month.

Needless to say the dump run and weeding stepped up on the list.  We started by loading up the water wasting toilets and added in all the carpet and other items.  We took two loads to the dump and by then it was nearly noon and way to hot out to be outside.

We moved into the studio and I put the last coat of paint on the bathroom while Lori caulked all the base boards.  We still have the trim to paint, the grout to seal, hardware to install on the cabinets, light fixture to replace and a hand full of other things and the studio will be done.

We then headed back out about 4 and pulled weeds and cleaned up the yard until we had zero light.  The garbage and weeds cleaned up made the property look huge and it felt so much closer to finished because it was all cleaned up.

We have two more weekends of work and we should be all done.  For sure the studio will be done and Daniel moved from the house into the studio.  He is on board and knows its coming.  The girls will be coming down about the 6th of May and furniture and cable/internet should be scheduled by then.

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