Updated List

Well there is an updated list.  A list that is more inclusive.  A list that seems daunting but this will all get done….doggone it


Paint inside windows sills

Fix Shower
Install Baseboard
Install Tile – accent
Hang Mirror
Hang towel hooks
Hang Medicine cabinet
Shelf / stool

Seal Grout

Sand and Paint Doors
Install Door frames
Install Thresholds
Change Hardware
Change Locks

Oil Cabinets
Install Hardware

Move Tutus
Install Closet Hardware
Install Window Blind
Install track lighting


Get battery for van; smog check; tune-up; oil change; and registration

Install bar light
Clean kitchen ceiling blanks
Replace kitchen light bulbs

Install light housing

Liners for all the drawers

Bar Cabinet – need shelf
Get auction items to auction

Clean house



Clean out Tool Shed
Clean up north side of yard
Order load of rocks
Order 15 bougainvilleas
Plant agaves

3 Responses to “Updated List”

  1. Taylor Says:

    I wish we were there earlier, to help !!!

  2. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    I think it will be fun to mark those things off one by one!

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