Salad Jars

You may plan better than me.  You possibly don’t ever let vegetables turn to soup in the crisper drawer.  I however continue to buy too much at one time because…yum veggies…and then don’t get to them before they, well are no longer fresh.

I also love salad but at the end of a work day and then going to the gym I don’t want to pull out everything and make one (hence the spoiling veggies in the drawer).

So tonight I went grocery shopping after the gym.  I came home and made a salad for dinner and then put together 4 quart size salads with the rest of the veggies.

In the bottom of these jars I put fresh lime juice, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and pepper.  First I put in the denser veggies that could hold up to the weight of everything else.

IMG_2436Bell Pepper, celery, green onion, snow peas, kumquats and kidney beans.  Then I added the softer veggies, cucumber, tomato and avocado that I put more lime juice on so it hopefully doesn’t turn brown.  Filled the jars with an organic super greens mix and put them in the fridge.

I didn’t intend for the jars to be purple.  I didn’t notice that when I bought them and they were completely covered in way too much packaging.  I wanted them to be clear so Lori would know there were prepared salads in the fridge when she went looking for food.

But since the jars are dark so now I’m going with ….. um, hopefully less light will keep things fresher!?!

IMG_2438For now I have four salads in the fridge and the “left over” veggies clean and cut and ready to eat.  I know preparing them could make them lose nutrients, however letting them rot in the drawer wasn’t working either.

We will see how this works out.  Hopefully they will be consumed in a couple of days and not go to waste.  They can just be poured out onto a plate and are also portable if I decide to take one for lunch.

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