All Moved In

IMG_2400The girls are all moved in.  They got here a couple of weeks ago. Their furniture delivered on the same day as the pod.  We picked up two loads in the truck and Once the two beds and the couches arrived we spent the weekend shopping and organizing and finishing up the last of the projects.

IMG_2417That’s not to say we are 100% done.  But if you own a house you know you are never ever 100% done.  I hung the light over the bar and changed out the dishwasher vent.  Although there are still other things like the landscaping and hanging towel hooks that pretty much finished it off.

Today we drove out and picked up Taylors bed frame that had been on back order.  We got it set up before setting out to get the van smogged.  We spent the rest of the time going for lunch and visiting before driving back home.

They are busy applying for job and registering with agency’s.  Besides that they are venturing out, learning the area and exploring.  The entire house is set up and quite cozy.



2 Responses to “All Moved In”

  1. salpal1 Says:

    Wow! That’s gorgeous. What a fab job you did. Lucky girls.

  2. Taylor Says:

    Thank you for everything you’ve done… I love where I live 🙂 And I love you 🙂

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