Vacations and Jobs, Projects and more

You know you haven’t blogged enough when the blog host sends you an email (automatic I’m sure) telling you what you’ve missed.

We planned on going to Germany this Summer.  Stay with my sister and be tourists around Switzerland and other spots.  Then she was deployed to Qatar (again) but we had the timing down for when she got back and before School starts for Lori.  Well then the deployment was extended and we spent so much money on the house this year we decided to just do something else.

We talked about camping, we researched some spots (all booked at this time) around the Grand Canyon.  We looked into quick flights to Hawaii then we settled on something closer.  We are going to Big Bear on the 19th for a four day yoga retreat that includes three yoga sessions each day, massage, reiki, all vegetarian meals, hiking and hot springs.  Then we go straight to Palm Springs for four more days in a hotel/spa there where we can relax and read and be still.

Still will be good, being somewhere that we can’t work on a project or a class will help facilitate the relaxing part of this vacation.  School just ended for Lori so between now and our retreat she has several things to do for work. The web site, a couple flyers, planning for six new classes that start up in August.  Once we are back from the vacation, she will be busy all Summer working up her classes and lectures.  This break is so needed.

Changing directions to Jobs.   Three weeks after moving in, both of the nieces have landed jobs.  They both start on Monday, great way to ring in June.  One is through a temp agency but its close by and gives Amber time to look for something better if she wants.  Taylor had a three day working interview at a cosmetic dentist and got an dental assistant job. Both jobs are pretty close to the house and I am very proud of all their hard work.

The projects up at the desert house are winding down.  We didn’t even drive up this weekend.  We are actually kind of lost having spent so much time and energy up there every weekend for over a year.  Last weekend we went up on Saturday and then on Sunday decided to put some energy into our own house.  We bought and put together a bookshelf for the bedroom.  Re-arranged some are and books.  We have lots of weeds to pull but today we went shopping for swimsuits and signed up for a yoga class at 7:00 am tomorrow morning.

After that we headed to the beach and just sat on the jetty and watched the waves. It was a peaceful couple hours.

IMG_2456 IMG_2479

3 Responses to “Vacations and Jobs, Projects and more”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    GREAT looking bookshelf! The art is nice, too.

  2. Katherine Says:

    What delightful plans and yay for the nieces landing jobs so quickly! The yoga retreat sounds wonderful and I’m jealous. 🙂

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hello!? Minnesota!! 🙂

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