Lack of Proof

My brother arrived a week and a half ago.  He arrived on Saturday the 6th and we had a great ten days of visiting.  We dropped him off last night in Irvine to stay with friends for the last two days.

He stayed in our tiny house and it worked out pretty well, we are getting lots of experience this year at sharing our tiny abode.  I worked the entire time he was here but we still got a lot of visiting in.  Dale ventured out exploring the neighborhood and went swimming nearly every day.

We went to dinner at his friend’s house in Irvine and spent six or seven hours there visiting.  We went up to Calimesa and hung with the nieces.  The girls made us dinner and we played cards.  Dale and I had a nice long walk at Long Beach.  We all even went to a movie.

However the only photos I have from the entire week are this one of Dale and Riblet and grilling portobello mushrooms and veggies one night.  Guess we were just having too good of a time to take photographs.


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