Lucky Iron Fish

I tried to give blood at work a while back.  Each time you give blood you can get 8 hours of PTO.  We had a co-worker dying of cancer and we all wanted to donate the time to his wife who also works for the same company; she was out of PTO because of the last year and was going on leave for Charlies final days.

What I found out when I went in to give blood was I was low on Iron and the blood center would not let me donate.  The standard suggestion from the nutritionist was to add red meat to my diet.  (blech)  My response that it wasn’t really an option was addressed with eat more kale and add citrus to it to help absorb the iron.

Well I have Kale and Spinach a lot and usually dress my salads in just a squeeze of lemon juice……so now what.

Lori found this Lucky Iron Fish and bought it for me.  Because she bought it through their website another one was donated to a family in Cambodia to help them get the needed iron they are lacking.

So this little guy will be added to every pot of oatmeal, beans or soup I make.  Hopefully next time my blood is checked I will have more iron without the need of red meat.

IMG_2543IMG_2545 IMG_2547

One Response to “Lucky Iron Fish”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Yay, you’re back! Hope th iron fish doesn’t make everything taste too minerally. Call me some time this weekend?

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