Garden Maintenance

We were in the garden just after 6:30 this morning.  We also worked a good part of yesterday trying to get some things weeded and cleaned up.  Some of the plants we put in a couple of years ago when they were “donated” where overgrown or just not water-resistant enough.  We pulled out five of the six verbena we had it and moved some other plants around.  It really cleared out the middle of the garden but it will fill in.

Just two years ago this area looked like this

photo(113) photo(118)

Today it looked like this, mostly because we cut out an entire yard waste bin from this area alone.  The rest of the weeds I was pulling (mostly grass I was pulling out from the cactus and out of the gravel is just piled next to the fence to re-fill the bin once it is emptied on Wednesday.

IMG_2553 IMG_2551

Lori also finally finished the brick work on the side between our house and the neighbor.  This finished up the border and it looks so much for complete.  It was about noon that I was so overheated I sat in the shade and talked to Katherine on the phone for an hour before calling it a day, it was just far to hot to continue.


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