Results…maybe ?

I have become “that” person.  The person who writes letters to the city government to try to get things changed in the neighborhood.  I think part of this is from working at The City of Renton and actually seeing how local government works.  Knowing who to direct the letters to instead of just a random letter.

The main communication I have had was a letter I wrote to the head of economic development to try to recruit a Trader-Joes or a Sprouts to Norwalk.  I stressed the losing tax revenue going to neighboring cities because to get any organic produce you have to leave the city.  After several emails back and forth I was told that the city of Norwalk does not have the economic power to pull in a grocery store that focuses on organic (i.e. more expensive) food.  I did not stop there, I stressed the most recent census and cited the fact that lower-income families need healthy groceries perhaps more than the affluent and the city could stress the savings in health care.  I also wrote to both Sprouts and Trader Joes to encourage them to consider Norwalk.

There has been no movement yet on this issue, I was “reminded” of the Stater Brothers store in Norwalk.  I did stop in there,  They had organic green beans…..that is the ONLY organic produce in the store.

However another letter I wrote was to code enforcement.  I was stressing the parked cars parked half in the driveway and covering the sidewalk.  I cited two events that happened while I was out running.  One was a guy wheeling his wheel chair down the street and around the corner, only to be  stopped by a car on the sidewalk and him having to back track half way down the block to go down another driveway and then wheeled himself in the street for a couple blocks because not every block has curb cuts.

The other event was when I helped a woman off the curb with her electric wheel chair (that puppy was heavy), because she couldn’t get to her van because she parked in the street and the neighbor was blocking the sidewalk.

Now my focus was the cars parked across the sidewalk, pet peeve and I hate trying to run around them but I did also stress the wheelchair access in the neighborhood being so poor as there are were some blocks that only one of four corners had a curb cut.

Well the last couple weeks there have been crews in the neighborhood putting in curb cuts on the corners.


3 Responses to “Results…maybe ?”

  1. Dale Says:

    You Go Girl!! Very proud of you!! Love Ya!!

  2. Della Says:

    Good job sister!!!

  3. Katherine Says:

    Squeaky wheel!

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