Long distance plumbing

I have said it before, I repeat it here again I am so very lucky to have my brother and my sister living in and taking care of my house.  Last week Della happened to notice there was water dripping from the under the overhang from the first and second levels of the house.

This eve juts out and Dale and my bathrooms are in part of this area.  She found that my usual plumbers rating had gone down on-line.  Also they wouldn’t take my credit card over the phone.  Roto Rooter however would.  So on the 3rd they came by to investigate what was leaking.  Turned off the water and found that my toilet was leaking from around the wax ring.

Instead of paying them an incredible mark up for parts, Dale and Della picked up the parts and the plumber came back last Wednesday and finished up the toilet.  Put in a new flange, wax ring and reinstalled the toilet.  I guess he also fixed an issue with Della’s toilet as well.   Dale let me know when they were gone.

Now I get to figure out the water damage next time I am in town.  Luckily they noticed it pretty quick and it was only the overhang area that had any damage.

I tell ya, these are the things that push me toward the selling the place.  If I had any tenants in besides family I would be listing it I am sure.

20150703_113133 20150703_11315220150703_114053

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